Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Blog Header!

New blog header! Smile.

As for this new header I'm using 2 picture files, 1 is white blank and another 1 is a picture of a cute little girl that I found on the net.

A blank page 800x800

A cute girl picture

Put them together, add some text and it's finished. You can also use black blank page or any others color. I'm using Photoscape application since it was so easy to use. And FYI I'm also using this application for my editing works. Here are some pictures that I used Photoscape in the editing.

 This is the picture that I took at my mom's kitchen, using a white paper as a background and an external flash.

 This picture was taken at the playground near my house around 6:00pm.

This was taken using a Canon 40D, but don't worry I'm a NIKONIAN.

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