Monday, 11 July 2011

Bersih 2.0 : The Truth That Can't Be Cover

As we all well known, at 9th of July 2011 there's a rally happened in our country. The Bersih 2.0 rally (also called Walk For Democracy) was a follow up to 2007 Bersih Rally. The rally, organized by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih), was supported by Pakatan Rakyat , the coalition of the three largest opposition parties in Malaysia, but was deemed illegal by the government. Bersih, chaired by former president of the Bar Council Ambiga Sreenevasan, were pushing the Election Commission of Malaysia (EC) to ensure free and fair elections in Malaysia. It demanded that the EC clean up the electoral roll, reform postal voting, use indelible ink, introduce a minimum 21-day campaign period, allow all parties free access to the media, and put an end to electoral fraud.

What the hell is Bersih anyway?

Bersih, short for the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil) is a coalition of 62 non-governmental organizations founded in November 2006. Since its founding, Bersih has been supported by the three main opposition parties, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), PAS, and DAP. Bersih is demanding on a clean election in our country run by the Election Commission of Malaysia, as you can see in the picture above.

What happened on 9th of July 2011?

The government officially estimates that 6000 people attended the rally, however, according to Asia Times, "online observations estimated the protester numbers were higher than the implausibly-low official figure." Independent assessments put the rally numbers at between 10,000 (sources sympathetic to the police) to over 20,000 (sources sympathetic to the protesters), while Bersih 2.0 claims a turnout of 50,000. The protestors were unable to congregate at Merdeka Stadium as many were forced to disperse by police who were heavily deployed throughout the city. Police arrested more than 1660 protestors, including Ambiga and several opposition figures. "500 youth members of the ruling party" turned out for the counter-rallies".

It was quite horrified that what we call a peace rally suddenly turn out to be an unpleasant event in our history. This is not about who we should point out to, it is about what we should do. From my personal point of view, this rally gives the civilian in our country their own right, the right to make our voices to be heard out loud. As we can see, Malaysia is known as a democratic country but let me ask you this ; "What is Democracy?"

In wikipedia, democracy is a form of government in which all citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Ideally, this includes equal (and more or less direct) participation in the proposal, development and passage of legislation into law. It can also encompass social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination. Are we actually live in a democratic country? Think.

Media is being manipulated, money over reality. I'm not into politics or what but I'm in learning process to be a good photographer, yet I'm still not decided to be majoring in any specific fields such wedding, streets or even wildlife photography. But up until now I'm learning my photography in how to create a story behinds your pictures. The media should be honest on giving out the news, because it is normal for the viewers to believe what they read, what they see.

Readers, please find the truth with your heart. Here I shared with you what I think is the truth that can't be cover. 

See the truth behind the story, I'm not trying to raised your hate towards government, just want to share the real story on the streets. It is not about politics, it is about the art of seeing, that is what I practiced on my photography.

Until next time, smile.


Madiha Ilham said...

Agak-agak kalau ada video tunjuk mak pukul anak kita nak cakap macam mana ye?

armz said...

That is child abuse, it was another story. But the basic is still the same, why should we use all the unacceptable method while we can do it peacefully.

Madiha Ilham said...

That's only analogy. Because the videomaker stated that they're not belong to any party but then they're just showing how cruel the police were. We should be thankful because initially they want to put army as well instead of using the police. Besides, they had give some warning before the riot started, but then the citizen still insist to go for the perhimpunan. Then, serve you rightlah. That's what I'm talking about in my blog, "kalau mak ayah dah bagi amaran supaya jangan buat benda tak betul, kalau kita buat jugak tentulah dapat hukuman". But as for the old man yang suffocated and the police just managed to see him without doing nothing tu...boleh la kata kalau humanity dia sampai lambat sikit. Then they said the ambulance arrived around 15min later right? Kalau jalan tak jem, mesti lagi cepat ambulance sampai. Am I right? Apakah adil sekiranya kita lihat perlakuan individu tersebut maka sewenang2nya kita meletakkan hukum ke atas the whole organisation? And bak kata menteri pertahanan, "tahniah burukkan malaysia".

oh, and one more thing, nowadays people are much more relying on CNN, Aljazeerah etc. Kononnya mereka lebih telus yadda yadda yadda. those station ni pun, sekutu amerika jugak. so?